Acutonics Electives

Students are required to take two Acutonics electives in order to complete certification to become a Certified Acutonics Practitioner


Astrology and Acutonics

taught by William Morris

Learn how to use the astrological chart as a guide to treatment decisions for Acutonics®  tuning forks. Sophisticated but easy to learn astrological techniques are explored for the purpose of selecting tuning forks for daily and evolutionary concerns. One such tool is the nodal axis of the Moon, which we use in Draconic Medicine, to treat chakras and local anatomy.

The program builds from the ground up and provides the necessary building blocks for the beginner, yet contains pearls for the seasoned astrologer.

Planetary symbols and signs are discussed as well as the relationship between the daily motion and the movement through the zodiac for the planets. This approach is used to free the life force of the client to heal the body and approach liberation. In addition to precise mapping of the astrological chart onto the body for treatment strategies, we will explore the use of the that chart for setting up the healing space.

 Course Length: 3-day Class or 24-hr online


Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Treating Shock and Trauma        

taught by William Morris

Teaching method: discussion, demonstration, guided practice.

This course uses Acutonics® to treat the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (8EV). The work is based on Han Dynasty methods of Chinese medicine which have historically been used for manual therapeutics, herbs and acupuncture. It is based on the book, Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Treating Shock and Trauma.

This is a focused 8EV method, related to the assessment, and transformation around family karmas as discovered through pulse assessment and applications of tuning forks.

Participants will use pulse diagnosis to choose one or more of the eight extraordinary vessels (8EV). The pulse provides direct feedback as to which vessel the body is using to compensate for life events.

Archetypes are used to make decisions about selection of tuning forks relevant to the client’s concerns. The choice of tuning forks is also performed according to the research of Stanislov Grof and Richard Tarnis on birth trauma.

8EV are often treated using opening and balance points. This class focuses on using the pulse with vessel palpation to confirm the selection of the vessel to be treated. This allows the practitioner to assess the client’s adaptive response to the events in their life in terms of the 8EV. Then, evaluation of the treatment response is executed using the same methods.

Course Length: 2-day Class


Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

Taught by Theresa Lee and William Morris

This class is also required for certification if the student is not an acupuncturist.

This class is designed to help Acutonics students without Chinese Medicine training expand their understanding of the energetic perspective of Chinese medicine as it relates to the nature and flow of energy in the body and the organs and substances of the body. Other topics covered include: Yin/Yang organ relationships, curious organs, Five Shen, Three Treasures and causes of disease according to Chinese Medicine theory.

The class also provides insights into the Taoist view of Qi and the functions of the organs to increase understanding and inform choices and treatment strategies.

This course is required for all new students without Chinese Medicine training and is meant to be taken prior to Points & Meridians. We encourage students to take Acutonics I & II prior to these two courses, to understand at a deeper level how Chinese medicine informs our full curriculum.

3-Day Class

Required for practitioner certification.

Prerequisites: Acutonics I & II


Energetics of Points and Meridians

taught by William Morris and Theresa Lee Morris

This class is also required for certification if the student is not an acupuncturist.

This in-depth course explores acupuncture points and their energetic relationship to the corresponding organ systems. The class provides an integrated format of lecture and hands-on location, deepening the understanding of the core principles of Oriental Medicine and Acutonics Integrative Medicine.

Course Length: 3-Day Class
Prerequisites: Acutonics Level I


The Fibonacci Process

Acutonics Integrative Medicine incorporates the knowledge of sacred geometry at its very core in utilizing the sound frequencies of the planets and heavenly spheres along acupuncture points and meridians that are part of the physical body. In this two-day elective you will deepen your knowledge of sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence (how it relates to all of life) and the history, origins, and development of the Fibonacci Process™. You will gain experience in the use of the Acutonics Fibonacci tuning forks, on the chakras and Eight Extraordinary Meridians, as you gain knowledge and insights into the appropriate use of these powerful tools in clinical practice.

Course Length: 2-Day Class
Prerequisites: Acutonics Level I