Acutonics Level V

Acutonics Level V: Ethics in Clinical Practice

Level 5 Class Description:

This class is designed to expand awareness of the energetic relationship that is shared between a client and a practitioner. We will explore what it means to create an energetic container—or sacred space—that enhances the ability to establish and maintain healthy energetic boundaries and appropriate connections in the therapeutic environment. You learn to hone your energetic sensitivity, to direct energy using sound and breath, and to open and connect energetic pathways through the release of obstacles and blockages. Students learn to maintain awareness of appropriate energetic boundaries and how to appropriately address any ethical issues that may unfold in clinical practice. To ensure the highest standards of client care, we will study the Acutonics Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as we role-play multiple energetic and ethical scenarios.


Prerequisites: Acutonics I-IV Core curriculum.

Required for practitioner certification

16 PDA Points NCCAOM
16 Continuing Education Hours NCBTMB

2-Day Class