The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre is located at #691 Riondel Road TRAIL Entrance

#691 Riondel Road TRAIL ENTRANCE. is 5 kms from Kootenay Bay Ferry Landing or 4 kms down the Riondel Road. It is just after #685. 
Park on the side of the Riondel Road, and walk in the 250 feet covered trail and tree bridge. The centre is the top building, red door.


The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre is in the beautiful and somewhat remote Kootenay Mountain region of south central BC.  We are located on five acres of land, overlooking Kootenay Lake.  Classes are held in a retreat like setting, surrounded by forests and the sound of the Yasodhara Creek that runs through the property,  perhaps adding the blessing of the Buddha’s wife.


How to get here:

Getting here by car:

We are about 9 hours east of Vancouver, 7 hours west of Calgary, and 4 hours north east of  Spokane, WA. We are one hour and fifteen minutes north of Creston or one hour fifteen minutes north east of Nelson, via the free 40 minute Kootenay Lake Ferry.

Getting here by air:

Cranbrook, BC, West Jet or Air Canada, 2 hr 30 min from here, my first pick, can be very $ if not booked early

Spokane WA, 4 hours from here, you will need a passport to cross the border, and can bring rental car across border, best choice if you are coming from the USA. Also the Queen city shuttle   runs from Spokane to Nelson BC Sundays and Thursdays December till April

Castlegar BC, closest, but often canceled flights due to bad weather or fog. 2 hours from here via the 40 min Kootenay Lake Ferry, we can pick you up from the ferry in Kootenay Bay.  The Queen City Shuttle,   runs daily shuttles to the Castlegar airport from Nelson, from Nelson you can get the Route 10 North Shore

Trail BC, via Pacific Airlines, 2 hrs 15 minutes from here via 40 min Kootenay Lake Ferry, we can pick you up from the ferry in Kootenay Bay.

The scenic option:

The drive from Calgary to the centre is one of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world! Driving through the famous Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park.  Drivers may choose the southern route to return back to Calgary or return via Vancouver and experience more of majestic BC.

While we are not easy to get to, our remote location provides

an opportunity for a deep and transformational learning experience!