William Morris and Theresa Lee Morris practice at the intersection of spirituality, healing and sound.




The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre

The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre is a five acre property located on the “Eastshore” of Kootenay Lake, just off the Rondel Road, ten minutes from the Kootenay Bay ferry landing.

The centre has 17 Planetary Gongs, teaching space. treatment rooms and accommodation for students.

A Centre for wellness, restoration, relaxation, spiritual development and learning.


The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre is expanding!

Classroom, meditation and event space!



If you’re looking for a magical, restorative, healing get away/learning/growth experience,  look no further. 
Theresa and Will are true gems! So genuine and authentic,  happily and effectively sharing such profound knowledge. 
These cool kids have all the toys… Gongs, Chimes, Forks, Drums… such a pleasure and treat to play in their enchanted space.  The beauty/energy of the land is exquisite, not to mention their sincere hospitality. Don’t let the remoteness of it all detract you from making the journey. Take the road less travelled – your soul will be grateful you did!
Dr. Claire J Edwards, R.Ac, TCMD
Calgary, Alberta

The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre located in the beautiful Purcell Mountains on the east shore of Kootenay Lake B.C. Canada, is a magical place for healing and learning. Theresa Lee Morris brings passion and acquired knowledge to her Acutonics tuning fork workshops and individual treatments. Along with husband Will Morris the couple offer a variety of courses throughout the year. Will’s keen insights into Medical Astrology, Acupuncture and Music greatly enhance Theresa’s motivation to create a Centre rich in sound vibration coupled with ancient teachings and leading edge harmonics. The addition of the “Gong Temple” in 2019 makes the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre an inspirational place to study Acutonics and enjoy a variety of other unexpected gifts.

Susan Snead,  Astrologer,  Riondel, BC


Theresa is indeed a treasure to the region and well worth the trip. Glad the angels choose Kootenay Bay as her headquarters and with the new Sound Temple it is going to be amazing. It is good to remove yourself from the frantic energy that cities create and slow down enough to enjoy the journey. I feel blessed to have taken classes and had private sessions at her lovely, exquisite studio. Sound is so important and Theresa has learned to to direct it ….precisely to where it is needed. Many Acupuncturists find this method more reliable than needles. The sound travels where it is directed by the soul. I have had five healing sessions and taken her level one twice. Well worth the investment if you can make the time for some healing in your life. I have experienced many alternative sessions and this one works.

Angele Ortega,   Johnson’s Landing, BC
Retired publisher of Issues Magazine and organizer of the The Festivals for over 25 years.  
I have had the good fortune to use the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre for a number of classes in the last few years! I have always appreciated the wonderful energy of the surrounding mountains and the view of the lake. The quiet is both soothing and stimulating. as is the energy of your hosts, Theresa and Will.
I highly recommend giving your students the opportunity to experience an event here. Sometimes it is worth travelling a bit further out of the way to find the jewel of peace and tranquility in nature. 
Ron LaPlace,  Alberta
Certified Acutonics Teacher
I made 3 trips to the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre in the last couple of years. It is a bit of a trip from Vancouver but well worth it. The combined knowledge of Theresa and Will and the pleasure of studying in  their beautiful place and surroundings is an experience everyone should have. Much was learned and applied in my practice after every class. Looking forward to my next training. Thanks again.
Ron Pankratz, Vancouver, BC


Theresa Lee is a wise, practiced, effective Teacher . I took a level 1 Workshop with her, and felt the transformative energies of the work for some time to come. I will definitely return for level 2!   Her Sound Healing Temple was truly loved, and her private sessions were deeply transformative. Definitely worth the journey to get there!
Diane Walters,   Nelson, BC
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kootenay Sound Healing Centre, and Theresa. I took level 1&2 at the center last year, and I have, and would recommend going there to anyone interested in sound or energy healing. The location is so beautiful, and not hard to get to at all, and I get lost easily. Her accommodations were superb, as was the teaching/learning space. I hear there is also a new gong temple in the works that I can’t wait to see. Theresa is a great teacher, a generous host and she makes a great espresso shot. This place is truly an awesome, and amazing place to give, receive and learn about sound healing.


Christen Brechetel,  Pincher Creek, AB


 Will and Theresa offer a wealth of knowledge and experience that is shared through many modalities including much hands on practice. The learning is multifaceted and provides a template for making connections on all levels. The beauty of Acutonics is in the giving and receiving and that it is done with sound is profound. My life is richer for having embarked on this journey with these people and  in this healing centre which now includes a gong temple and more treatment spaces.

Thank you, Will and Theresa
Janet Fleming, Gray Creek, BC
Kootenay Sound Healing Center is a true oasis of natural healing. I always enjoyed the space and the training it offers. It helps to reconnect to one’s innermost nature and find the much needed insights into one’s conditions. Then , through the sacred agency of the sound  and with no negative side effects health is re-built in a natural wholesome way. Sound  is a very beautiful modality of healing and a medicine of the future.
Zora C. Doval, Crawford Bay, BC
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author


I have had the opportunity to attend two different Acutonics® classes at Kootenay Sound Healing Centre. One of the classes was taughtbyTheresa Lee Morris. Theresa has a lot of enthusiasm for Acutonics® and it comes across in her class.Theresa has anincredible amount of knowledge and experience and shares it so graciously both in class and afterwards. 

Don’t let the remoteness of the centre deter you. It truly is a beautiful drive from Calgary. Make it part of your journey/experience. Take your time and enjoy all the lovely sights along the way. Giving you time to relax and arrive ready to take in all the information that the instructors at Kootenay Sound Healing Centre are going to share. 

Theresa is such a beautiful and loving soul and has such a warm and inviting place. Both times I had the opportunity to stay at the centre. Giving me the opportunity to take nice walks on the property both before & after the class with Theresa and other attendees.

Wishing you great success with your healing centre and I truly look forward to returning.

Carol Gallant, Calgary, AB

Vital EnerQi


The magical and stunning location of Kootenay Sound Healing Centre is a gift. Leave daily stress behind, and immerse into a life changing journey with the amazing teachers at Kootenay Sound Healing Centre. I’m so glad I did.

Colleen Wenzel,   Calgary, AB

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