The Centre


William Morris and Theresa Lee Morris practice at the intersection of spirituality, healing and sound.

The Kootenay Sound Healing Centre is a five acre property located on the “Eastshore” of Kootenay Lake, just off the Rondel Road, less than ten minutes from the Kootenay Bay ferry landing.

There are over 30 large gongs at the centre! The perfect environment for an extraordinary experience as well as the healing and therapeutic benefits of the gongs and other instruments. We offer community healing gong journeys three times a week.

A Centre for wellness, restoration, relaxation, spiritual development and learning.

Theresa Lee Morris

Having a passion for learning and a natural curiosity about the inter-connectedness of all things led Theresa to Acutonics and a world of Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls and Gongs. This dynamic and powerful system of vibrational medicine has transformed Theresa’s life and inspired her to become a Certified Practitioner and Senior Faculty Teacher for the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine.

In 2013 Theresa created the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre, with treatment rooms, teaching space and accommodation for students.

Theresa has been teaching Acutonics® classes since 2013, creating a growing community of sound healing practitioners from all around the world.  Her students include acupuncturists, doctors, nurses, hospice workers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, social workers, massage therapists, Reki and other forms of energy medicine.

Theresa’s love of gongs led to a collection of 17 Paiste planetary gongs. These powerful instruments have transformed Theresa’s life in ways never imagined. Theresa has played her gongs at local festivals and events throughout BC and now with husband, Will.  Theresa and Will are available for private and public events and festivals.

About William Morris, PhD DAOM

Will is one of the world’s leading experts on pulse diagnosis with more than 45,000 patient visits using acupuncture, herbs and nutrition with astrological considerations.

He has authored or co-authored five books including Li Shi-zhen Pulse Studies: An Illustrated Guide, TCM Case Studies: Dermatology, Reiki Hands That heal, Transformation: Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and Herbs, plus Cycles in Medical Astrology.

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Will Morris is the president emeritus of AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, a regionally accredited level IV doctoral degree granting institution. He has developed three doctoral programs in Chinese medicine and has developed two institutional review boards for overseeing human subjects research.

To schedule an appointment, please email wmorris33@gmail.com

“My first exposure to astrology was in high school at the age of 15 by my Unity church leaders who introduced me to their astrologer friends. As a drummer on the road playing jazz, there was much time for reading and scoured the astrology texts landing upon Dane Rhudyar. Mouni Sadhu’s Tarot was also an important influence. By 1977, a conversion took place, and after performing accurate tarot readings and my first professional astrology reading, the crossroads arose and I left the road to rely solely upon readings for my living. Furthering my compulsive learning habit, studies began with the Church of Light and Marion March.

In 1979, my interest in the intersection of consciousness, music and astrology heightened. I played music on flute based upon the astrological chart. The musical connection to the chart was at the time based upon what I thought to be an Egyptian method. Later research led me to the conclusion that it was most likely a post Renaissance expression of the Neo-Pythagorean movement. The client would experience uncanny feelings related to the difficult aspect. Using the Church of Light methods, I would take the dynamic focus of an astrological chart (the tightest orb hard aspect) and approach it from the opposite planet or from a planet supplying a harmonious aspect. The difficult emotional state would resolve into a more harmonious and coherent place. The method is as follows: C# Aries, D# Taurus, F# Gemini, G# Cancer, A# Leo, C Virgo, D Libra, E Scorpio, F Sagittarius, G Capricorn, A Aquarius, B Pisces. Sun – Ionian , Mercury – Dorian, Venus – Phrygian, Moon – Lydian, Mars – Myxolydian, Jupiter – Aoelian, Saturn – Locrian.

By 1980, Jyotish studies began with monks at the Krishna temple in Los Angeles. A parallel course of study emerged with flower essences, homeopathy and Daoist herbal medicines. A job opportunity at Cedar Sinai office towers opened for me managing Chinese herbs, western herbs, nutritional supplements and making homeopathics. While this took place I continued doing readings. Upon studying with Eileen Nauman, she told me that doing medical astrology required the study of medicine. I then pursued premedical education and graduated from Emperor’s college in 1986.

During the 1990s, I was an early subscriber to Project Hindsight – focusing upon Greek, Hebrew and classical form, studying with Rob Hand and horary methods with Olivia Barclay http://qhdc.org/barclay/. During this time, I did David Frawley’s Ayurveda and Jyotish program. This led to time studying Jyotish with KN Rao and Dr. Charak. I did heavy focus on novel relocation techniques as a medical therapy at that time and we can share this approach after the humoral discussions. My more recent studies are in the area of Jyotish, Cosmobiology, and Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Marc Jones. My most intensive focus at the moment, however, besides teaching and writing on the work, is the study of Vibrational Astrology with David Cochrane. It is a post Uranian focus upon midpoints and harmonic charts.
For me, astrology has been an intrinsic portion of my clinical practice. This led to more than 15,000 astrological consultations. As a result, there arose in me, novel approaches to medical astrology using acupuncture, herbs, diet and astrocartography. I have been teaching those methods, some contrary to classical and Renaissance methods, for the Astrological Society of Austin on multiple occasions, at Wildflower School of Herbal Medicine, Ohlone School of Herbal Medicine, online and through intensives.

Herbal Background

My herbal studies began in 1980 with a Daoist form of herbal medicine focused upon nourishing the three treasures of spirit, vitality and and essence. It is a wellness model that I continue to use to this day. Following that encounter, I took a position managing the natural products pharmacy in a clinic at Cedar Sinai office towers in Beverly Hills. There, I studied western herbal medicine and made the decision to study acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Continuing my practice, after earning my credentials to practice in 1986, I earned my doctoral degree in Chinese medicine in 1988.

In 1991, I had my first encounter with Leon Hammer, MD who was a psychiatrist who abandoned psychiatry for Chinese medicine. I had long shared patients with his mentor, Dr. Shen, a now a legend who held lineage in the famous Ding family lineage. I then spent seven years co-teaching the work of Shen with Hammer who was my mentor for that time.

During this time I developed two-year herbal programs qualifying acupuncturists to sit for national examinations and 100% of my graduates passed. During that time I put together the Comparative Materia Medica as a study tool for my students.

I encountered Dr. Gu Neiqiang in 2000. He is the descendant of the famous Shanghai Gu family. They specialized in external disease conditions which included dermatology. I spent five years with Dr. Gu and they shaped my experience. Since that time of study, I have taught dermatology in advanced herbal medicine courses.

In connection with my early herbal studies, I studied the physiomedicalist herbal stylings of Dr. John Christopher. remaining in contact with the practice of herbal medicine in the west, I began teaching for the American Herbal Guild and at schools of western herbal medicine such as Ohlone School of Herbal Medicine and the Wildflower School of Herbal Medicine.

After completing a book on pulse diagnosis for People’s Medical Publishing House, they requested that I do another project. It was TCM Case Studies: Dermatology.

Homeopathic Background

While managing the natural products pharmacy at Cedar Sinai office towers, I was introduced to homeopathy and learned to make the remedies. This was 1980. From that time, homeopathy has been a feature of my practice, and especially for hard to crack cases and pediatrics. During the early 1990s, I attended the New England School of Homeopathy. More recently, I was certified through a two-year program with Rajan Sankaran through Essential Homeopathy. I have followed the homeopathic thought of cosmobiologist, Reinhold Ebertin and am in the process of developing novel concepts in the use of homeopathy in conjunction with astrology”

The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

The Acutonics approach to integrative medicine embraces the concept of a musical and undivided universe—a belief found through time, across cultures, and in many spiritual traditions that sound and vibration have the power to heal, create, generate, transform and give birth to new ideas and new consciousness.”



Acutonics is a non invasive, deeply relaxing system of vibrational medicine that uses precision calibrated tuning forks representing  the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planets. The tuning forks are applied to acupuncture points, chakras, and other areas of pain on or above the body.  The sound waves of the forks travel deeply into the body along energy pathways, connecting with the body’s natural frequencies, stimulating and balancing the body’s physical and subtle energy field,  promoting wellness, deep inner harmony and a feeling of Harmonic Attunement® or at-one-ment. 

Acutonics® Tuning Forks, Gongs, singing bowls, planetary chimes and other instruments are also used in every treatment.

For more information about Acutonics contact www.acutonics.com

Theresa Lee Morris is a senior faculty instructor for Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine certified to teach Acutonics Classes and certification towards  Certified Acutonics Practitioner.