Accommodations at the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre

We are unable to offer accommodations at this time, here are some local options:

Accommodations and B&B

Shadow Mountain in Riondel

Tara Shanti in Kootenay Bay

Kokanee Chalets is in Crawford Bay





Riondel Campground in Riondel

Kokanee Chalets in Crawford Bay

Garland Bay is 30 min north of Riondel


We are unable to offer accommodations at this time.

Two night minimum stay.

Eighth Night is Free! 

Prices do not include 5% GST.  

In the Castle-house:

semiprivate turrets in geodesic dome, access to all amenities in main house

Aphrodite’s room:

1 Queen bed, private south turret,  $110/night

Artemis’s room:

1 deluxe single in semiprivate north turret, $95/night


In the Creekhouse: 

Kitchen, with a bathroom in the funky mosaic Greenhouse,  and access to showers and bathrooms in Castle-house and Centre.

Dorm room:

2 Double beds, $45 each per night

1 Double loft bed, $30 per night

Hera’s Room:

Private Studio above kitchen, 1 Queen bed, $95/night

Athena’s Room:

Small Private Studio, 1 Double Bed, $75/night


Gaia’s House:

750 sq ft one bedroom lower level duplex suite. Full kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Large covered deck. 

Demeter’s Room:

Private bedroom, 1 Queen Bed, $110/night

Living Room:

2 Twin daybeds, $45 each per night


access to bathrooms and showers 

$10 per night