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Acutonics® Classes and Certification

Acutonics is a system of vibrational medicine using tuning forks tuned to the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and planets. This methodology is applied to specific acupuncture points, meridian and chakra systems and as well as areas of pain and stagnation to help restore physical and emotional wellbeing.

Everything in the universe vibrates, from the smallest particle to the largest planet in our solar system, to the billions of stars in the galaxies. All of these vibrations create patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, musical intervals and sounds. Sound and vibration are used to re-harmonize and attune the human field.

This integrative approach helps both the practitioner and client to deepen their understanding of the profound universal connections of natural world, body, mind and spirit and the role that they each play in the journey toward wholeness.

Acutonics is a powerful, transformational healing system that can address a wide range of ailments from the physical such as gastrointestinal, gynecological, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and neurological to psycho-spiritual, emotional and psychological distress.

Will Morris Astrology

Astrology for Sound healers

Astrology for Soundhealers uses the meridian systems of Chinese medicine in conjunction with the sky and its patterns, with sound and frequency as tools for healing. Specific tools include the 12 meridians in relationship to the sky and body, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels on the same bases, the three treasures, and many other techniques that weave the sky, body, and practice. Participants will learn strategies for selecting planetary frequencies to heal others. Astrological methods include the processes of Cosmobiology, harmonics, and midpoints. Welcome to this fantastic program.

Herbs and Astrology

The Sun, Moon, and Day cycles explain the connections between the plant world, humans, and the sky. These divisions serve as tools to organize thought relative to plant parts, functions, and life cycles. This course explores practice cultures at the discipline’s peak during the Renaissance.

An essential tool for plants and astrology is the concept of hot-cold-moist-dry. From here, dietary, herbal, and lifestyle approaches can be developed.

Substance and Astrology

This course is an introduction to both astrology and homeopathy. Astrology
can be used to enhance the discipline of homeopathy. This course blends the two methods to improve intake and thought.

This course also addresses related fields of cell salts and flower essences as tools for expanding homeopathic practice.

Gong Mentorships

Please contact the centre for private and semi-private Gong mentorship training with Theresa Lee and Will Morris.

Self Care Workshops

 Self Care Workshops are run ONLINE via Zoom and also offered LIVE at the Centre here in BC, Canada when possible.

Half Day Self Care Workshop

9:30 am to 12:00 noon

We will be working with the Acutonics® Ohm Unison Mid TF Set.  Simple techniques are taught to help maintain more ease, harmony and balance in our daily lives.


Full Day Self Care Workshop

9:30 am to 4:30 pm

We will be working with the Acutonics® Self Care Mid TF Set, adding to the Ohm Unison set, a mid Zodiac, Chiron, Mars and Venus tuning fork. A simple 11 step protocol is taught to help reduce stress and trauma and restore balance, harmony and wellbeing. 


Dates to be determined, please contact us if you are interested

Upcoming Events

Conscious Breathing

with Gongs and other Instruments

Blanche Tanner from Lifeshift Seminars will lead this workshop accompanied by the magical sounds of Will and Theresa.

Please register with Theresa at

$75 per person per worshop

Tuesday February 14th

Saturday March 4th

Saturday April 8th

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Mountain Time

12:30 pm – 3:30 pm Pacific Time